The Quantum Inspiration And Dreams

The Quantum Inspiration And Dreams

The founder of Cintamani, the mystical stone and charity had been a lifelong dream that began in 1977. 

Through countless spiritual experiences and observations, as vast as the stars in the universe, the journey experimented with life's moments on earth, including death, one can deduce the true nature of consciousness, the realization of "Nothingness".


It was revealed by the founders eternal Masters, very early in his life, to realise the illusionary nature of the cosmos with abundance of physical evidence. 

The Nobel Prize in Physics 2022 was awarded to Alain Aspect, John F. Clauser and Anton Zeilinger. 

What the world accepted as proof in 2022 our ancient Rishis of India proved way back 10000 years ago that in the end nothing exists as what you subjectively have perceived!

Each of us have a different unique perception and therein lies the illusion.

A dream is real when you are asleep. The mind deludes itself, insisting, that the perceived reality is the only dimension.

The fact is, there are uncountable dimensions of physical and metaphysical realities.

The inspiration and blessings of the founders Spiritual Master, Siddhar, Rishi, Sri Arunasalam (whom the founder met in Pudur, Thirunellikaval, South India in 1977) as well as his spiritual friends around the world, led to the establishment of this charity in 2022, as destined.

The ancient scriptures of India, since recorded time began, has been describing the realization of life in ones own mind as an illusion - is the beginning of understanding of your true nature. 

The founder also drew inspiration, without realising from another spiritual friend and well wisher, Master Palani of Vasan Café, Thiruvarur. Please see the videos under "Inspiration".

Master Palani, who hailed from a very wealthy background, and who had a degree in Economics, realised the significance of nothingness at the young age of 30. In my view, he was undoubtedly the favourite and most lovable and ardent disciple of Siddhar, Rishi Sri Arunasalam, our beloved spiritual Master.

The current whereabouts of Master Palani, is unknown, but the instructions are that he had attained the highest spiritual dimension in Tantric Yoga and is now a wandering Himalayan Yogi, pursuing the Sakthi path of Goddess Durga.